The Greatest



The Greatest

Tune: To Thee Oh Comforter Divine

1. O Lord my God
You are the greatest
There is none else
like unto You
Your Love /3x
is the greatest.

2. In Your greatness
You came in flesh
to redeem the lost
back unto You
Your Love /3x
is the greatest.

3. Darkness and
vices filled the earth.
You died to
Redeem all men’s heart
Yes love /3x
You’re the greatest.

4. There’s no more fear
There’s no more shame
No more can our
Hearts harbour hate
God’s love /3x
Is the greatest.

5. Wisdom, Riches,
Tongues and miracles
Prophecy and knowledge
May all seize
But love /3x
Is the greatest.

6. My Lord and God
How great You are
Your Precious Love
Is my desire
Your Love /3x
Is the greatest.

7. Let me be like You
In love to all
Till I see
Your face in glory
In Your love /3x
Let me abide.


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