Your Glory



Your Glory

Tune: Take My Life And Let It Be

1. We worship Thee Lord for this
gathering, life and everything
Oh-that Your light be shed abroad;
to illuminate our hearts.

Till we all with unveiled face
be-holding Your glory,
Till we all are tra-nsformed
‘to Your very own image.

2. I’m a lover of Your grace
Every moment seek’n Your face
Let your love take o’er my heart
Shifting my focus from earth

3. Your acts to us You’ve revealed
May our hunger here be filled
Your pathways we want to know
And Your Glory to us show

4. Deepest sea is not too deep
Widest ocean’s not too wide
Hottest desert is not hot
Your Glory is all we want

5. Words may not be clear enough
Sounds will bear our words to Thee
Spirit lead us as we groan
With deep hunger for Your Throne

6. Not for exploits here alone
To be present ‘fore Your Throne
Receiving rewards and crown
Not seeing me and You frown

7. Hallelujah I am blessed
Hallelujah never stressed
I am not meant to worry
As I behold Your Glory


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