Encounter Precedes…

Genesis 18:1 KJV And the Lord appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;

Prior to the experience that Abraham had in the chapter above. There had never been such an experience in his life. It was a very great event where he hosted the Lord. It’s an experience many will not want to trade for any other thing in life. The experience that will leave many wondering, “what have I done to deserve hosting the King of Kings?”

One thing is common to our Patriarchs and Matriarchs in the Bible, that brought about their supernatural and extraordinary exploits; Encounter.

The encounter Abraham had with the Lord turned His life around. It was after the encounter that he got the promise of his son fulfilled [Gen. 18]. There was a turnaround in the life and testimonies of Isaiah after his encounter with the Lord [Isa. 6]. Moses had an encounter with the Lord in the burning bush and that was the start of a new life for him [Exo. 3]. Gideon was just an ordinary man until he had an encounter with the Lord [Judges 6]. Saul had an encounter in Acts 9. A man who had been a threat to the Church automatically became a blessing to us all. His Epistles are unavoidably relevant in our daily walk with Christ.

All you need right now is an encounter. I’m a product of an encounter and I’m proud to recommend it to you. A single dose of it will rewrite your story. It will change everything about your life. People who had known you will find it difficult to believe what you will manifest thereafter.

The Lord is willing and absolutely ready to visit if you are ready to host Him. The only requirement is to walk before Him and be perfect [Gen. 17:1]. The perfection is not by self righteousness but through Christ [Rom. 10:4].

The encounter brings a rebirth.

Let us pray: Lord, I need an encounter with You.



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