1 Peter 5:6 KJV Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

Humility is the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble. As defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. It further defines it as freedom from pride or arrogance.

Pride is eating up the hearts of many even in the fold of Christ. And the Bible says Pride goes before destruction, Prov. 16:18 paraphrased. Little did we understand that the reason why we have become a regular customer of evil occurrence is because of our pride.

You may think you aren’t proud but if you carefully examine your life, you will know that you’ve got lots of works to do on yourself.

Let’s start with this. Do you after collecting each salary or after your profit ask God what to do with the money? Do you ask God before you take your breakfast? Do you ask God before you go to bed? These questions might sound funny and you will be like these are just regular things and I don’t need permission from God.

Despite the fact that God has designed us to be sort of independent. We shouldn’t think we have it all and only need God in solving big issues. It’s pride to think you know better than God. Pride doesn’t just set in at once. It builds up, starting from little things and then you graduate to the level of believing you have all it takes and don’t need God’s permission.

Asking for God’s permission will help you build a strong relationship with Him. You will become so used to Him to the extent that prayer becomes a lifestyle for you. Just because you engage Him in all things you do. This makes your promotion timely.

Many are due for promotion but God can’t stand their pride and they have been taken afar from God’s presence. Ask Lucifer, he will tell you that the proud don’t have a place in God’s presence.

The Humble doesn’t struggle to be promoted. Their humility is the magnet that draws God to them.

Let us pray: Father, help me to be humble.



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