Remember what God has done

Psalm 103:2 KJV Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

Human beings naturally forget good deeds faster, but when it comes to hurt and offence, we find it difficult to forget. Anytime the rememberance of a hurt is triggered, our mood swings from being happy and lively to anger.

Bringing to rememberance all that God has done for us helps us to appreciate Him better.

Seeing a drunkard wallowing in the gutter and remembering what your life was like. You see a sister who is a cheerful giver of her body to men and you remember your past. You meet with a brother who fabricates lies like he is the father of lies. Yours is anger and you see someone manifesting it uncontrollably. You aren’t like these people but you are subtle and cunning. And then you can see that in someone and you remember who you were.

The presence of God is not a place for a show of pride. It’s not a place to prove how eloquent you are. In fact, He isn’t interested in your use of English. If it were to be by dexterity and skillfulness. Only the few who have found time training and being the best will be welcomed and received by God.

If you remember that you were once like the unsaved, you won’t be too proud to think you are better than they are. And you will give all what is left of you to God. You will give your all like the woman who is in the book of Luke 7:37-50. You will bless Him with all your heart.

It takes the right thinking to give the right offering.

Let us pray: Father, help my soul to align in gratitude.



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