Are You Still Fascinated?

Psalm 26:8 KJV Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth.

Children find it difficult to refrain themselves from fascinating things. Colours, beautiful works of art and most especially sophisticated gadgets of which phone is one. I could remember growing up in the early 90’s. There are only a few in the neighborhood who had a colour cathode TV sets. I was drawn to the neighbour who had it. I would quickly do my chores and run extra errands to impress my parents and to also gain their approval. I would have been drinking alcohol as an underage but for the grace of God and the words of the Lord ringing in my brain. The impact of godly parents can’t be overemphasized.

My parents were forced to get a brand new monochrome TV (popularly called black and white) their purse being the determinant. They knew the repercussion of bad influence. Especially hanging out with this family that had everything to steal your heart but had nothing good to write about.

The Psalmist said, “I have loved…” The latter verses revealed that he got distracted like I was. Before this man got his TV, my home was the best. It was all I had, it was the most fascinating but I got drawn to another seemingly fascinating habitat which wasn’t mine.

Some started well with God only to have their zest and passion burn out with time. You’ve been expecting fulfilment of God’s promises and time has reduced it to nothing. Seeing the unbelievers thrive in all of their endeavours. Looking at your whole life and how steadfast you are but it seems like nothing is working. I believe He knows the appropriate time for you and He won’t be late. Why not repent now and cry out for redemption?

Some profess that they are enjoying life while in the real sense life is enjoying them like a sumptuous meal.

Let us pray: Father, redeem me with Your mercy today.



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