I Think God Is Sarcastic!

Judges 6:12 KJV And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto him, The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.

Jeshurun, “upright one,”ย  was used in the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32:15 while they were still rebellious in their ways. Can you just imagine?ย  The lawless crooked beings. People that never cease to get on the nerves of their leader. Those who eventually made Moses stumble before God being addressed as the upright one.

God doesn’t see from the perspective of man. He doesn’t even agree with what you call yourself. Jeremiah replied to God after being told of his calling, “I am just a youth” Jer.1:6 paraphrased.

You may think you are too young like Jeremiah, as weak as Gideon. You may be without parents like Daniel, illegitimate like Jephthah. You may have been written off like David. You can’t imagine what God will do through you when you take that step. He has called you a prolific Writer. He called you a public Speaker. An Economist that will change the economic system of the world. He has called you into that political office. He has called you a groundbreaking Scientist. He declared that you will set new records in that sport you are called into. He has called a great Revivalist. Above all, he has told you of how people will come to the knowledge of God through your office.

All these great things He has called you. Yet, it doesn’t look like it now. You still find it difficult to understand. Does God really know who I am? Do I even know this God? Does He know what I’m currently going through? Does He know I don’t love the spotlight? Why will He just override my dreams with His will?

However, these great men had something in common; they partnered with God. They agreed with Him to become.

God’s Not Sarcastic as you may think. He is true to His words. Rom. 3:4. Take that bold step today. Begin to channel your energy and everything about you towards what He has called you and you will become in Jesus Name.

If you want to see like God, you have to be at His bosom.

Let us pray: Father, I canโ€™t be what you have called me without You. Help me to become in Jesus name.

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