The King of Glory

Ps 24:8 KJV Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

It is a general practice in our world to introduce ourselves giving our names and accomplishments. And it has helped some to have their names inked in the hearts of men in such a way that when you think of a particular profession or an invention, the name of such a person pops in your mind.

There are names that have become household names in the entertainment industry so much so that if you mention the top ten, even the dead might top the list. Funny as it sounds but itโ€™s true because such artistes have broken a record that no one had ever broken and even the living is contending with the set record. A quick peek at the IT industry which is taking over almost every sphere of our lives. There are names that are synonymous to each invention; Computer, Internet, Phones, ATMs, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Surveillance Systems, among many others. We have other spheres like Education, Politics, Agriculture, Banking and Industry, and many more.

I have been to Christian gatherings where the names of ministers in songs or in the word had been introduced with their achievements. The introduction, like a forty page Resume and you can doze off and wake up and still counting. Donโ€™t mind my exaggeration. Iโ€™m just trying to make you understand how boring this sounds to me. This introduction things sort of hype the minister and the congregations will have their hopes heightened. While some delivered wonderfully and some flawed gloriously, the name and whatever theyโ€™ve accomplished and the recent failure or success is all registered in our hearts.

Starting from eternity past, when we were still in the loins of God. To the creation of the Heaven and the Earth. The first man, Adam and the wife, Eve. The glorious works of nature in grandeur and glamorous beauty. Till now, the present time and age that we enjoy various dimensions of His glory. His Resume is endless. When the world is gone, His achievements, will still be counting. Looking at all the wonderful works of creation, what can we call Him than the KING OF GLORY!

The Lord is the only King that can exist with or without a kingdom.

Let us Pray: Father, reign in glory in my life.




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