Things we do for Love

John 15:13 KJV Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Love can make us do crazy and unimaginable things. Things we couldn’t have done in the right frame of mind.

Most times when one who loves with everything is disappointed and depressed. We say many things to console them and even tell them to move on. It’s easier said than done. Men will always be men. I mean, human beings will always be human beings. We have emotions; we are not animals. Even animals respond to emotion calling.

According to C. S. Lewis, there are four kinds of Love: Storge; love from parents to children or vice versa and to relatives, Philios; friendship love, Eros; Romantic love and Agape; unconditional “God” love.

I’ve done crazy things to keep relationships. I have sacrificed my precious time and intellect to make a family member happy. I once dropped my dream to nurture someone else’s. I don’t keep intimate friends but the ones who have made it to the list of the few can say a few about me. I almost told God to take my life for a relationship I thought would work but didn’t. I went beyond boundaries to impress a lady. I quarrelled with a friend over a girl. As funny and difficult to express as these experiences are, you must have had a share of yours too. Just as I’ve done all these for love, many had done even greater for their love towards me.

However, there is a greater expression of love. Out of all the expressions I have shared here and the ones people shared with me. I haven’t seen this kind of love. It’s a crazy love. It’s an awesome one. The Love that expressed himself through death.

People have died for love, yes. While some will still do. The major reason people die for love is because things didn’t play out the way they wanted. But this Crazy Love died to save a relationship before it started (Rom. 5:8). The Love that expressed itself through the pain and the agony of death. Through the shedding of a sin cleansing blood. Now is the time to reciprocate the love.

It feels good to love someone, and that person loves you back (I John 5:19).

Let us pray: Father, help me express my love for you in sincerity.

Written by DareSijo



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