Prisoners of Hope

Zechariah 9:12 KJV Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;

Hope is one of the greatest things that keeps us alive. That you haven’t given up on life shows that you are hopeful. Some haven’t received a quarter of the blows you’ve received from life’s challenges, but have ended their lives. They gave up hope, they never believed life could be better.

If your life is with challenges like Joseph, who was sold into slavery at 17. He struggled to survive the hard labor he never grew up with. Imagine a child whose father is rich to the extent the child hardly does things on his own, being subjected to hard labor. Unlike the house maids we have around today, slaves do not have rights. He worked without wages and the only hope he had was God who gave him a dream to live for. He served with hope till he became 30. At 30, all the days of darkness vanished. All the years of hope, all the years of hard labor, abuse, conspiracy, and being battered ended.

Your years living in hope of a bright future might not be up to that of Joseph. It might as well be more than this. I can assure you, Light is coming your way. You can not afford to give up now. You’ve started, and you’ve got to finish and finish right.

Prisoners of hope and prisoners of vain hope are in the same prison. Like the Butler and the Baker. The difference is the life-giving Spirit. Death is inevitable, but the Spirit determines life. You can live with or without wealth. You can have a hope of a rainbow filled future. Like Abraham, you can glimpse the future with just a seed. You may think a seed is not enough to make a nation, but it sure did after the passing of Abraham into glory. Promises might seem to virtual than reality, but if you have Christ, He secures your future. A mansion with streets of gold and crown with many stars as rewards. He is faithful and just. He keeps His word. He is fidelity.

There is no hope without the life-giving Spirit. Any hope without it is a vain hope.

Let us pray: Father, keep my hope alive.

Dedicated to my late Mother, Janet Oluyemisi Bolatito Olusijo (nee Oyefara) of Blessed Memory

Written by DareSijo




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