My Strong Tower

Psalm 61:3 KJV For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.

Tower never used to be a fancy structure or a place to take selfies for tourists as they do it today. It used to be a structure for telecommunications and defense against enemies. It is a tall structure that can standalone or built in the wall surrounding a city. It is also strategically placed to allow for easier and clearer view of landscapes or territory where built-in. It is not a building to live in, but a building where forces or soldiers keep watch and sound the alarm for an impending danger.

In second Kings chapter six from verse eight down to twenty-three. The story is told of how the King of Syria’s plot to attack Israel was on all occasions revealed to the King of Israel through prophet Elisha. This is a typical example of what a spiritual tower is like.

God is our strong tower. He is so high that none can touch Him. He is a revealer of all secrets. Nothing is in the dark before Him.

Another feature of the tower is that it uses a searchlight to reveal the hideouts of the enemy. No enemy can hide to strike us when we have Him. He will surely expose such an enemy with His search light.

We as soldiers of Christ have the ability and the opportunity to stand on a watch and know the mind of God. Though the Lord is our strong tower, we can’t afford to sleep while waiting on our strong tower to get information. If Elisha had slept like the King, what would have become of Israel?

Like the modern day gadget used for security amongst many other functions, it performs the drone. Danger is imminent where a security drone disconnects in battle. Connection to Him always makes you undefeated.

Physical towers can fall if the enemy finds its way to it. But this our God, who is our strong tower is indestructible. He can neither fall nor fall. He is ever strong and indefatigable. He is never weary or tired.

Physical towers may have lost their relevance in time, but our Strong Tower is ever relevant.

Let us pray: Father, hold me closer.

Written by DareSijo



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