2 Sam. 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.
Moral values are good. It allows for being courteous when you are before people. Dress well and comport yourself with high self-esteem before people. The simplest way of identifying an ill-mannered and uncultured man is in the way they appear and relate with others.
There is a clear difference in the elite’s culture and the wretched. You can never see a rich man trying to save his airtime while on call. He can hold the call and attend to some other things and then back to you on call. Everything about a struggling man is always in a rush. The rich are mindful of details and are observant. Except for the few who care less about protocols.
I have met with a few influential men who were nothing. Those who still have the fresh memories of who they were. The memories of their past life of struggles and the scar is clear and they flaunt it.
David was one of the few who knew their past and are always appreciative for Who made them what they are. He always remembered the old days on the field with the flock before God singled him out and anointed him as king.
We have so many dignitaries in our churches today who are very courteous in the presence of God. They have forgotten the old days. The days they were crying and rolling on the floor and asking for mercy. Some even have the entitlement syndrome. They think they deserve all they have and shouldn’t be too grateful to God but themselves.
Some Pastors have forgotten the days they pray ceaselessly and worship intensely to bring down God’s presence. Now there is anointing and they come in whenever it is time for them to minister and leave immediately after the ministrations. They have become too big to worship God and think, “why should my members see me cry and roll on the floor during worship.” I respect Dr. Paul Enenche and many other ministers who value intense worship. It’s the secret of their relevance.
Next time someone or some spirit tells you to be courteous and dignified in the presence of God while worshiping Him. Please ignore such voices and be thoroughly undignified in His presence.
The secret to David’s success is undignified worship.
Let us pray: Father, remove every garment of self esteem from me. Make me an undignified worshiper.
Written by DareSijo.


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