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Sow now! – One Music and Soul

Sow now!

Gen. 26:12 Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

This season has fixed the heart of almost everyone on the pandemic. Everybody wants to get updates. We want our leaders to act to reduce the spread of the virus and to get relief to people. The prayer points of almost everyone has changed to prayer of protection. We are desperately looking forward to the day the victory over COVID-19 will be clear to all. The day when we can hug each other like before. The day we can shake the hands of a friend, neighbour or business associate without contracting the dreaded virus. A day when everything will return to normal. That day will surely come in Jesus name.

This too shall pass. Like every other storm, it will subside. But after the storm, what will your harvest be? During the famine, while others were complaining about the rain not forthcoming. They were complaining about the hot season, waiting for the day it will rain and they can sow again. Isaac was busy with the Lord God of Israel, getting ideas and techniques for sowing in famine. Rather than spend your whole compulsory holiday doing things that won’t add to your value. Rather than wasting a chunk of your life on irrelevant challenges that will come up because of boredom. Why not spend time on books that will advance your life? Why not spend more time in prayer and the study of God’s word?

As you will get busy advancing your life in this season. Some will be there like Sanballat and Tobiah to discourage you. They will complain about you being too serious about life. While I was reading the Bible text used above. It came to my mind like; some would have been making a jest of Isaac like they did to Noah. They may have said the crops won’t germinate. Seeing the crops germinate, grow and with green leaves, they may have said the harvest won’t be good and edible. But the harvest of Isaac shocked them and moved them to envy.

Please make the best of this holiday to advance your life. Engage in challenges that will add to your knowledge. Advance your skills through online classes or videos. Do something valuable with your life. I pray that God breathe on you this season.

You actually can’t do nothing with your life. You are making it better or making it worse by your choices and actions.

Let us pray: Father, help me make a good decision in this season.

Written by DareSijo



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