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What Have You Come To See? – One Music and Soul

What Have You Come To See?

St. Matthew 11:7 And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?

Our perspective of a thing varies because we reason differently. People do things for different reasons. I could ask a couple of people the reason why they attend church and get different answers.

Going by what I have heard people share with me as the reason why they attend Church. I would like to drop a few of them here. Some brothers attend church because they want to hook up with girls in the Church while some ladies attend because the choir makes good music (might not be people God cares to listen to). They serve hot prayers in that church is the reason why some people attend. I don’t care if the pastor is anointed or not but if he can help me get a home and take care of my needs, I’ll attend his church. And the list is endless.

What brought you here? Why are you in the midst of Christians? Why did you choose to be named with Christ? Why do you pray? Why do you give offerings? These questions and more need to be answered sincerely. Else you will waste your life in pretending to be who you’re not.

A lot attend Christian gatherings for different reasons and that is why we see differently. Jesus was asking them what they went out to see. Some are there because they never believed one could leave the city for wilderness and continue to live there. Some like today are there to see the designer wear John was putting on. Some cared about the speech of the pastor. How eloquent he is or how bad he constructs his English.

What you look out for is what you see. So be careful what you look out for. A lot of people attend meetings without having their spiritual needs met, all because they were there to feed their eyes only. They never prepared to see Jesus.

Your heart is always prepared for something when you plan to attend an event. And you get your expectations met and at times you feel disappointed because they never met up with the standard you had.

John the Baptist was a respected prophet but when Christ came they never knew Christ the one who is spoken of to be greater than all prophets is around. They never knew Jesus was greater than John the Baptist. They only came to Jesus because John had been imprisoned. Jesus was an option to them. Don’t ever make Jesus an option.

Muse: When you are before God, care to see only His face and all other things won’t matter.

Let us pray: Father, only You matter. Open my eyes to see You.

#Written by DareSijo


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